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World Humanitarian Day

August 19, 2015

World Humanitarian Day Global Awareness Day

World Humanitarian Day was created to mark the anniversary of the Baghdad bombing of 22 UN aid workers. The global awareness day and to commemorate all people who have lost their lives in humanitarian service and to celebrate the spirit that inspires humanitarian work. The World Humanitarian Day website states:

This year we are shining the spotlight on humanitarians around the world and profiling Humanitarian Heroes – people from all walks of life, who are committed to making a difference. World Humanitarian Day is an opportunity to celebrate the spirit that inspires humanitarian work around the world. Thousands of people across the globe are doing incredible work every day. But unfortunately some of them pay the ultimate price. This World Humanitarian Day, we honour those humanitarians who face danger to help people in need. We remember their sacrifice. By tweeting #humanitarianheroes you stand in support for those who risk their lives every day. Visit our world map to see the support taking place around the world leading up to and on this important day.

Supporting World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day Global Awareness DayWorld Humanitarian Day has seen some incredible social media campaign work to promote awareness of humanitarian projects and humanitarian needs. Amongst the areas it highlights are health epidemics, poverty, child mortality rates, droughts and genocide. It has been successful in using a hashtag campaign called ‘the world needs more’ where people add a hashtag to what they think the world needs more of.

World Humanitarian Day World Needs More Global AwarenessThe campaign saw personal and business users on social media tweet their thoughts to raise awareness of World Humanitarian Day. Some people thought the world needs more smiles, others tweeted clean water, peace and many other ideas.

Business partners for World Humanitarian Day include NASDAQ OMZ, Stink Digital, Social Toaster and Branded Cities Network.

United Nations Global Power for World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day is supported by many leading superstars and household names as well as the United Nations, humanitarian charities, global businesses and small businesses. In 2012, Beyonce performed a special song called ‘I Was Here’. The video has received more than 42,000,000 video views on Youtube to date:


United Nations

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