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World Parkinson’s Day

April 11, 2016

World Parkinson's Day Parkinsons-disease

World Parkinson’s Day is the awareness day supported by the European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA). The aim of Parkinson’s Awareness Day is to raise awareness of Parkinson’s disease, promoting a greater understanding of this condition and how it can affect a person.

World Parkinson's Day European Parkinson's Disease Association

© EPDA World Parkinson’s Day

World Parkinson’s Awareness Day aims to raise global awareness of Parkinson’s disease. In general, members of the public have very limited knowledge about this condition.

It is hoped that Parkinson’s Awareness Day will promote advocacy and influence the decision of relevant policy makers where appropriate.

World Parkinson’s Awareness Week

World Parkinson’s Day is part of a wider World Parkinson’s Awareness Week, which aims to raise awareness about this potentially devastating condition.Parkinson’s Disease awareness week also helps to raise funds for the Parkinson’s Disease Society.

During this awareness week, individuals are encouraged to hold their own event with family, friends and colleagues. These events support the awareness and research work for Parkinson’s UK (the operating name for the Parkinson’s Disease Society).

Funding is needed for vital research work into the causes and treatments of Parkinson’s Disease. The Parkinson’s Disease Society also works to support those living day to day with this condition.

Another focus of Parkinson’s Disease awareness week is to increase media coverage of this condition. The greater the coverage the more people know what it is like to live or care for somebody with Parkinson’s Disease.
(What Health).

Support World Parkinson’s Day

There are many ways that you can support World Parkinson’s Day and World Parkinson’s Awareness Week, both individually and through your business. For more information about how to get your business to support World Parkinson’s Day, please email info@awarenessday.co.uk.

We’ll be happy to help you identify or create events that you can sponsor to help raise funds for Parkinson’s disease research and treatment as well as support services for people suffering from the illness and their families.


European Parkinson’s Disease Assocation

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