Find An Awareness Day for your business to support

If you’re looking to find an awareness day for your business to support, there are some important things to consider in order to make the right choice. Finding the right awareness day campaign for your business to support can give a major boost to your own business and support the charity and organisations running the awareness day. Picking the wrong one can waste valuable time, resources and energy.

When looking for a suitable awareness day, you may already know of a campaign that you would like to support or have heard about a day you care about. You can use our awareness day calendar to find a suitable campaign, search on Google for a campaign that suits your business or contact a marketing agency that specialises in helping business to support awareness day campaigns.

Find Synergy

When you look to find an awareness day for your business to support, it’s important to find synergy between your business, your brand and the campaign you’re looking to support. If your customer base is focussed on women and young mothers, you might look to women’s health or child-related awareness campaigns. If your customers are predominantly men, a breast cancer awareness campaign but be less relevant and selecting that awareness day might not deliver the results you’re hoping for for your business or the charities involved.

Is there Authenticity?

For a business to support an awareness day, it’s important for the support to be authentic and real. If your business is supporting an awareness day that focuses on child poverty, you can use it to promote products and services that are ethically produced. Using fair trade products or checks to make sure no child labour is used in the manufacturing of goods you sell might be a way to start.

Do Research and Due Diligence

As with any marketing activity, it’s important to know the rules, avoid mistakes and most importantly, embarrassments. For a chemical company to support awareness about wildlife protection, it should ensure that it is not causing damage to wildlife through it’s production methods or pollution outputs. Supporting the wrong campaign could cause a public relations disaster in the local media and on social media.


If you are a small business or local business, check to see if there are any events run to support the awareness day you are thinking about supporting nearby. If not, do you have the ability and resources to run events and promote the day in your area. Are you connected to any businesses, perhaps suppliers or stakeholders that also support a campaign that you want to get involved with? If they do, can you work together to support the awareness day more productively?

Is the awareness day right for your customers?

When you find an awareness day for your business to support, you have to question whether it’s something relevant, interesting and important to your customers and target market. If it’s not, it is harder to gain support, spread awareness through social media and generate the results that both you and the awareness day are trying to achieve.

Get help finding the right awareness day for your business to support

Get help when you find an awareness day for your business to supportIf you would like help in finding an awareness day for your business to support and help improve your own company’s success, you can email Bristol Marketing, a marketing agency specialising in helping small and local businesses to improve marketing and increase profits responsibly, manages