Support an Awareness Day

An awareness day relies on a strong marketing plan led by the awareness day organiser. Part of that plan will be allowing businesses to tap into the awareness campaign. Some awareness days are run in conjunction with a specific business through a sponsorship role, while others invite businesses to get involved and help support an awareness day through their own initiatives.

Support an Awareness Day

Many awareness days are run by multinational organisations or international charities. The United Nations runs a variety of awareness days through their specialist departments such as UNESCO and receives support from international businesses and banks.

Any business can promote awareness of campaigns like World Humanitarian Day or International Youth Day though online and in-store marketing. Tweeting and blogging about how a business supports the campaign theme and what a business is doing to help tie into the campaign goals can a good way to start support an awareness day.

You may be able to display official marketing and promotional material created to help support an awareness day if you have a shop, warehouse or office. Many awareness day websites have a campaign or materials page for you to use when you support an awareness day.

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Sponsor an Awareness Day

Many awareness days are run by national charities and not-for-profit organisations within the UK, targeted specifically at the UK population. British businesses and local business can support these days through social media or creating partner relationships to support an awareness day like this. Often, you can contact the marketing manager at the charity or awareness day organiser and discuss how you can support the day.

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